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At Xento we believe that our growth comes from our people, and we encourage a culture that stimulates personal and professional growth in every Xentian.

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Xento Team

Xento Team

XALT 2017

XALT 2017

XALT 2017

XALT 2017

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Foundation Day Celebration

Foundation Day Celebration



Office Celebration

Office Celebration

Xento Premier League

Xento Premier League


Xento Premier League

Team outing

Team Outing

Tradional Day

Traditional Day

System Admin Day

System Admin Day

Team Outing

Team Outing

Xento Team

A Xento team with their SDM

Xento Team

Cybercity Magarpatta Match

Twins Day

Twins Day


Theme Day

Xento puts forth the best management practices to create an environment that is refreshing and vibrant. We advocate an atmosphere, where team members have the freedom to voice their opinions and actively be involved in the growth process. Besides this, Xento has developed a culture that encourages and promotes excellence in performance and ensures employees are rewarded suitably for their outstanding accomplishment.

As an organisation, we believe in nurturing innovative minds by creating breakthrough opportunities and empowering them with knowledge, as well as skills. In turn, it would help our personnel achieve the pinnacle of success in their respective careers. What sets us apart from the rest – is the fact that our staff is exposed to a vast degree of technical expertise and know-how. Furthermore, Xento possess an impeccable blend of exemplary working culture and technical progress that would uplift their overall growth.

At Xento we understand the significance of creating an environment that manages not only, to help banish your early Monday morning blues, but also have an enlivening working experience with us. As a result, we have several fun activities such as theme day, speak-out-loud, a sports tournament and a Carrom and Table Tennis club. Having said this, we ensure our employees never have any bleak moments at work. The Xento Fun Xpress Club always helps you stay excited about your work life and connected with your team. Then again, if you are a fun, creative person and mastered the art of multitasking or simply enjoy organising events, then the Xplode Club is the right place for you. The Xplode Club members have arranged a wide variety of events for its staff from Xalt, to marathon, the list just goes on.


Welcome to our testimonials section, take a sneak-peek to know more about life @ Xento. Here is an opportunity to hear directly from our employees about their jubilations, experiences and much more.

  • 5 years! It's been an incredible ride.I would like to take this opportunity to say, Thank you Xento for the 5 remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support for my professional and personal growth, since the time I joined.Working here has helped me broaden my horizons and expand my mind in terms of testing skills throughout the journey. It has made software testing as my passion to work on.In addition to this, I am also thankful to Xento for its friendly work culture, which I can cherish for lifetime.Last but not the least, thanks to my family for their blessings, support and belief in me, which would not have been possible without them.

    Vrushali Thorve

  • It's been great working with Xento, awesome atmosphere, friendly people and good work culture. It has also given me lot of opportunities to learn and grow my interpersonal skills. Xento provides an amazing work-life balance along with supportive staff members.

    Sahebraj Kalal

  • Before joining Xento I never worked on any core PHP project (I was working only on frameworks like Joomla, WordPress , Magento etc.) Xento is the first place where I started working as a PHP developer and I have gained lot of knowledge which is really helpful to build my career path.

    Mahesh Gahine

  • I feel happy to be a part of Xento family for the last 5 years. In this long journey, I have got enormous learning experience. And have been given a chance to explore and push my limits in these years. My managers were very supportive and great motivators. I have a brilliant team and enjoy working with them. My work is recognized which makes me excited to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Thank you Xento.

    Ajay Khedkar

  • I joined this company in March 2012 as a Trainee - QA and today I am at ATL-QA position. I am really enjoying my work in Xento.The work environment of the company is very good. I feel proud to be part of this organisation as I have been given opportunity to showcase my talent. Secret of successful is workplace & culture, which include open lines of communication, a clear organizational mission, work-life flexibility and competitive pay and benefits. And not to forget, fun (XPL, Xplode, XALT).

    Laxman Waghmare

  • For nearly six years I worked here, there are many development, leadership, managerial skills and work ethics I have learned. The company provide challenges that improve your career, it also shapes us as a responsible individual, having strong integrity, and the willingness to constantly learn, grow and thrive.

    Kumar Saurabh

  • Evolving to grow helps me breath. Thanks Xento for been one of that Oxygen tank. Every department in Xento is filled with amazing ideas, upcoming technologies and motivated people. Icing on the cake is friendly work culture and open door policies. Even though I have been here half a decade, the zeal for work still remains the same because of the work culture and constant change to do better each day.

    Ratna Ganguly

  • Xento means a lot to me, I started my journey with Xento in September 2011. Five years have passed by and I received lot of accolades and chances to enhance my technical skill level, I thank Xento for the opportunities been given to me. It is mix of great work culture, unimpeachable value system and the best talent in the field - where fun and intellect collaborate, indeed a perfect union.

    Rohit Shukla

  • It has been a fantastic journey so far and a great learning experience in Xento. Xento helped me improve my technical skills. We have a very friendly environment in Xento, and I love enjoying work here as it timely rejuvenates our mood by celebrating fun events occasionally.Xento also takes an initiative to help someone in need with its CSR programme which we are always proud of. It has also given us an opportunity to be part of its tree plantation drive to create a better future for us, by taking responsibility.

    Pallavi Kalate

  • Having worked in many organizations previously, Xento has the right balance of company values, teamwork and work culture. I hope this will continue for many years to come.

    Sonal Jain

  • It was a great journey. And has taught me many things not only related to technology, but also helped improve my interpersonal skills as well. It was really a good experience over the years.

    Dattatray Phadatare

  • It's a wonderful moment when you have completed 5 years with Xento. I have seen promotions, awards , rewards and appreciations those are part of my memory.The journey has been great for me and has not ended yet.

    Makrand Bansode

  • Since my transition from college life to professional, that happened in November 2011, I was very uncertain about the change. But once I began my career in Xento there was no looking back for me as it gave me confidence to take on new roles and responsibilities. The past 5 years have been a learning experience for me despite the highs and lows. I thank Xento for their tireless support.

    Kailash Aade

  • It feels like yesterday when I joined, the journey has been wonderful. My experience in Xento has given me many opportunities to learn. These five years with Xento is indeed been special to me.

    Mamta Kushwaha

  • In these 5 years, Xento helped me to learn the importance of minor things from every individual irrespective of their designation. It helped me cultivate the following characteristics:- Putting ourselves as per the customer's mind-set- Identifying self abilities, strengths and capabilities- Empowerment of others- Always having a learning attitude- End to end support for customers- Maintaining great relationships with everyone and finally-Convert every challenge into opportunities.

    Siddharth Shah

  • Best place to work for, culture, environment, facilities and career growth.It’s a combination of all perfect things in one place.

    Nagesh Kadam

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