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Xento Engineers Yield Astonishing Results

Category: Awards, Continuous Improvement, PHP Development

Shaunak Sontakke receiving 'Coding Centers of Excellence' award for Xento.

It indeed takes a lot of hard work to bring a vision into reality. With Sachin Savale and Shaunak Sontakke in the lead, Xento moved a step forward towards the glory. We feel immense pleasure in announcing yet another achievement of our honors at the Code Gladiator Event. Xento felicitates Mr. Savale and Mr. Sontakke for their splendid efforts in representing our company at the finals and achieving their respective titles.

Sachin Savale, one of the perfect PHP coder in our organisation made to reach the finale of Beat The Leader competition. This event was about competing with other algorithm junkies to write the most perfect code. The evaluation was based upon certain factors including Attempts, Marks, Memory Usage, Time Complexity, Code Size, etc. By presenting the most optimized PHP code, Sachin’s cipher remained unchallenged for last four days of the event. Later, his code lead the championship on the fifth day for his PHP base being most optimized among the codes in JAVA, C, C++, Python, C#, and other languages.

Says Sachin, “Reaching the finals itself is an achievement, till the last day of the competition nobody challenged my PHP base. All the lessons learned and skills gained were implemented for this triumph. It was an amazing experience to confront the best programming talent of the nation. I feel proud.” 

Shaunak Sontakke, one of our very established and hard core programmer, made his name in the list of Top -150 best coders in the country. Out of 1.5 lac participants, only 150 made it to the final. These 150 developers were among the most intelligent code warriors across India. Complex coding problems like shortest path, minimum cost, longest travel which involved implementing various algorithms like Dijkstra’s Shortest Path, Breadth / Depth First Search, Spanning Trees, Minimum Cost algorithms, Greedy Search algorithms. Shaunak being profound in writing these algorithms, became “The Code Warrior of Finale” by reaching the finals of TechGig Code Gladiator 2016.

When asked about his experience, Shaunak shared “Getting listed into Top – 150 developers in India was a huge achievement for me. I was happy that I could implement multiple algorithms in PHP. Also had an in-depth learning and implementations of SPL-Standard PHP Library which could be easily used for playing with data structures.”

Hats off to the achievers. Let the good time roll!