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Where there is excellence, explanations are not required

Category: Continuous Improvement, Newsletter, Oct-2014, Xento Values

Be The Real Deal

Excellence is self-explanatory. Where there is excellence, explanations are not required. Where explanations are given, we rarely find excellence.

What’s okay is okay and what’s not okay is not okay. However, we have a tendency to explain, justify, and give reasons to prove things as okay when they are really not. Hold it. It’s not good for our healthy mind to behave in this way. Once we develop this tendency of using our mind to make what’s not okay to look okay, we press our own self-destruction button. The mind that gets trained into justifying lack of excellence, learns to settle for compromises – it learns to live with compromises.

If we have scored 88 out of 100, the fact remains that we are short by 12. Whichever communication we try, we cannot make up for the 12. We shouldn’t try to justify that 88 as 100. Instead we should figure out what caused 12 less and try to learn from it. Explanations can never make up for the shortfall. Losers make excuses and explanations.

Self-consolation for lack of excellence will hurt us very badly. Again and again it will make us fall short of the mark and we eventually fall short of what we are capable of.

‘Zero defect’ is possible. Precision is possible. Consistency in performance is possible. It all starts with the attitude of refusing to settle for anything but the best. It’s a funny thing about life that, if we refuse to settle for anything but the best, it often gives us the best.

Lack of excellence should hurt. That which hurts, instructs us. That which instructs, creates us. Get created. Create excellence. Let our work speak for us, we don’t need to speak for it.

We, at Xento Systems, always strive for continuous improvements. We are Real Deal people, we show excellence in whatever we do and so we build only products that are best in the world.