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User Experience (UX) a balancing act for your business

Category: Continuous Improvement, Software Quality

Xento - The Balance Act

Generally, users have a misconception about UX, as it is a process focused on visual design or UI design. In reality, UX is far bigger than what the users normally think about, it is a combination of a variety of disciplines that actually helps in enhancing the customer’s satisfaction of your products (i.e. virtual and physical). It is the ultimate key that is directly proportional to the increase in sales of your product or gaining customer satisfaction. It is the realization that a product or business success is not only the ability to meet customer’s need but it should be flawlessly and can be achieved by improved UX standards.

How UX boost business?
Somehow, there’s a big gap between businesses that use UX strategies and those that don’t.
It could play a vital role in the success of a product. The value of good UX is that it helps to create a sustainable competitive advantage. A good UX includes incredible user experience for an entire product, compatible with all devices and any platform that would impact on increased brand loyalty. Facebook is one of the best examples for its innovative and user-friendly service, when compared to Orkut, Myspace or any other social media websites.
It is a known fact that Google stands out to have an efficient search engine in terms of design page when compared to Yahoo. Reason being that yahoo’s page has a variety of content, distracting the user from there actual purpose.
Research from different surveys shows that the ROI after implementing UX in the business grows rapidly, in many instances UX balances the business and development.

Good UX is not an occurrence, it’s a revolution for your business
When it comes to optimizing user experience, there cannot be partial attempts, you’re either in or out. Don Norman says “It’s not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and yes, beauty to people’s lives.”.
UX is not an end, it’s a process through which a business gets client acquisition, satisfaction and retention. It also helps in enhancing long-term business strategies. Well, if you want to improve UX, start observing customers as they interact with your product or services, i.e. testing with just five users often uncovers a majority of the problems, and helps in continuous enhancement of product, retaining brand loyalty.
UX is much more harmonious with iterative methodology suspended in user psychology. The success of the UX depends upon how effectively distinct areas are integrated. As part of the digital transformation journey, business should foster innovative approaches and utilize new ways of user experience to interact and collaborate with customers.

Author: Sudhanshu Singh
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