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Sports Activities

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Today we are starting a new category “Sports Activities” as we are continuously showing our active presence in lot of sports competitions and here is the first update on the same…

As you all are aware, we are participating in a big IT Cricket Tournament and our boys are doing tremendously well. We have won 4 matches out of 6 and still counting. Here is the update from the latest one…

You must really be wondering what happened to the Might Wolf Gang, did they move in into their new lair after the two recent losses or they are waiting for their turn for getting back to action. Well if you are on option 2 then you are in the right direction, we have sprung back into action with a mighty win against Calsoft.

Instead of a cold Saturday morning, our team was up for a Equatorial Climate when the temperature was soaring up to 35° C on filed temperature and personal temperature soaring beyond 50°, as the Mighty Wolves were ready to take charge. Calsoft began their innings by winning the toss and electing to bat. Our Bowlers gave a good start by taking wickets both in the 1st and 2nd over of the innings; but the Calsoft team came back well and went on to score 82 for the loss of 7 wickets in the stipulated 12 overs.

Even though we had a big score to chase our batsmen looked different, they had an alarming amount of confidence (We presume this was due to the two tough games which had a very close finish) and the team was not willing to let it go this time. Amit K and Rahul M opened the innings for us. Rahul M was the first batsmen to be dismissed and was caught in the deep trying to hit the ball out of the ground but gave a much needed start by scoring 17 runs of 10 balls. Then came in Captain Demolisher Pravin M with a ” I have had enough kind of confidence”. Pravin hit the ball all round the park with three mighty sixes one on them on the longest part of the boundary, Long-on a good odd 80 Meters. He was the 2nd wicket of the innings in the 9th over trying to hit one out of the park again, but before leaving ensured our win with a brilliant 33 of 18 balls (Man of the Match performance), but of course he did get a Trophy for the same and flaunting it with a strict display on his desk since yesterday. Amit K was the wall for the day who stayed till the end and scored a 22 of 28 balls.

In the end boys sailed home with a win in the 10th over with 8 wickets and 1.3 overs to spare.. Well done !!