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Simply Secured

Category: Application Security, Newsletter, Oct-2014

Simply Secured

You all must be having a great time reading articles, books, newsletters and much more about technologies updates and new technologies. How about spending some time on rejuvenating the general implications of “Security” in real world? Indeed it is human tendency to know everything and still do nothing!. Confused?

We all know that in the past years, internet has become a giant web of applications and web pages with number of users increasing everyday over it. We all have the liking for surfing through the web and being the part of this virtual world but many of us turn a deaf ear towards paying well deserved attention to security.

There are various scenarios in which people tend to make mistakes, if we have to name a few then following are the infamous ones.

  1. Surfing over un-trusted websites and registering or sharing personal information.
  2. Managing and interacting with Personal accounts ( Bank, social, Online Billings etc ) at public places. (If you do this you may like incognito mode of Chrome or Private Browsing in Firefox.)
  3. Sharing your passwords with someone on the internet publicly, without proper encryption / decryption processes.
  4. Storing your passwords in plain text in your phone, wallets, in a piece of paper, in our system, over the internet.
  5. Sharing your details with some XYZ website which doesn’t even look like one with appropriate stuff.
  6. Keeping the System unlocked while not being present at your desk is a great risk as someone might take advantage of that.
  7. Using Simple passwords, in order to remember them easily.
  8. Last but not the least, never bothered about what Security means ?

The name security is self explanatory and talks about securing the environment in which you carry out your activities. The most relevant and yet simplest definition can be, “maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is what security is all about”. General mistakes made at the first step might lead to major impacts if they are not taken care of timely. Security should be followed and implemented at each and every step, we take towards defining and implementing a process, carrying out any activity or performing any action.

For making your online presence secure, following things can be practiced in your day to day activities.

  1. Storing your passwords is a good idea but its necessary nobody can access them. Storage of passwords in an encrypted file is the most preferred solution.
  2. Be Anonymous over the internet, as if you weren’t there at all.
  3. Be sure of What, Why and With whom are you sharing and most importantly WHERE are you sharing ?.
  4. Verify the Sites authenticity before registering or logging in as duplication of websites content is possible. (Curious? Be patient until we release our next article.)
  5. Never share your personal details on social accounts or through mail without proper verification.
  6. Whenever you need to communicate confidential data over the mail/ internet, consider sharing it in encrypted format.

Security is a Process, Not a Product !

Stay tuned, surely there is much more about to come !!