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Home Automation or Smart Home

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Xento - Smart Home Automation

There’s nothing more stressful than wandering if you forget your home keys or to switch off the lights. But these nagging fears can disappear with a mere swipe of a finger, transforming into a ‘Smart Home’. Some people call it as ‘Home Automation’ which is a technical advancement in technology and will be perfect in every aspect by giving more comfort, more security or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your house.

According to technical experts, it is vital amidst building mechanical systems which specialize in providing automation to normal homes and helps to convert it into intelligent Homes. This field sometimes also known as ‘Domotics’.

Smart Homes can manage your day-to-day activities without the fuss of worrying about maintenance & energy consumption. Looks like the television makers of the 90’s hit show “The Jetsons” were visionaries of futuristic smart homes. This sitcom was an inspiration to what the world would look to be with help of robotics.

There are some real time examples present which indicates smart homes are coming into existence –

  1. There are devices available which will turn on/off your home lights by clicking a single button.
  2. The same holds with locking or unlocking doors, using keys are soon to be a thing of the past.
  3. Smart homes today have enhanced their safety feature by integrating surveillance camera controls to mobile devices.

Criteria of Smart Homes –

So can any home become a Smart home? and the answer is “No. However, in the current situation, it’s not barely a possibility, in future, it will be otherwise. Nowadays, realtors are evolving with viable alternatives to develop intelligent homes.

So, this leads me on a new question that how I can make my existing home a smart home?

For that, you will be requiring following infrastructure –

  1. Mobile App for handling the software.
  2. Strong network connectivity as a media.
  3. Hardware devices which will receive your instructions.

At this point, you are probably thinking about the investment size required for such projects. Although this may seem to be impossible as it looks, with the sort of heavy investment it might be just a piece of cake in upcoming times.

Technology behind Smart Homes –

I can’t complete my blog without mentioning about Internet of Things aka IoT. This IoT is now in trend in social media and blogs. So, what is it all about? In simple term,  it is the technology which enables machines to converse with other mechanical objects and fulfilling your instructions. These can be achieved with ‘5G’ only which enables IoT, as it requires strong internet service to accomplish above things.

In the last 3 to 4 decades home automation have undergone a tremendous transition from high-tech amenities to more affordable and accessible modern conveniences. Still, its development and advancements of automation homes are in expeditious mode.

Going smart isn’t just for techies or nerds. Today, it’s easier & more affordable than ever. All you need is to decide which smart features you can’t live without. Innovative ideas are vital to the success of home automation.