Xento is a product based organisation with more than 800 IT Professionals including 350+ PHP Professionals working with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation. We promote an open atmosphere, where team members freely voice new ideas and are involved in all phases of our growth. At Xento, working is not just work; it's fun. Nurturing individual talent, fostering team work and recognition are the key elements of the Xento Culture.

Value Theme Day 2017

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Xento Xalt Value Theme Day 2017

At Xento it is significant for us to create a firm bond of values with its employees. We take initiative to continue reinforce values that will unite our workforce and help achieve goals. It is imperative for us to engage our employees and ensuring that it plays a vital role in our work culture. Xento strives hard to pioneer in practicing these values, a perfect reason why each year we celebrate our belief system. On 8th August 2017, Xento celebrated its Value theme day, an organization-wide event that brought our Xentian together to celebrate, cherish and continue to carry forward these principles. With the announcement of its value theme day celebrations, one could easily feel the excitement bubbling in air, as this time it was not just a celebration but a competition among our fellow co-workers to outdo each other. A healthy contest that would help to showcase their flair in depicting the essence and spirit of our conviction with which Xento functions. Hence the preparations for this theme day began a week prior with great gusto. continue

Karaoke Day 2017

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Xento Karaoke Day 2017

When words ceases to express, is when music begins to thrives”. Anonymous.

Great music has the power to inspire, bring in a new perspective, de-stress, strip away those unwelcomed dreary thoughts and bring back a little zing to life. Having said this, we at Xento stop at nothing to make life at Xento as lively as possible. On 7th August 2017, Xento celebrated its Karaoke day to bring in the much-needed fun, excitement, prepping up the stage to an upbeat ambiance, for the upcoming festivity of Foundation Week. Our Karaoke Day was an organizational wide event that brought together music lovers to perform for an overly bubbly audience.

The event had a mix of both old and new melodies. Our Xentians gave us a taste of old world charm bringing back the nostalgia and ensure to keep us at the edge of our seats with its latest peppy numbers. It was one musical evening that just grows on you and hope that it never comes to an end. continue

Mythology Theme Day-Xento 2017

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Xento Mythology Theme Day Winner 2017

A myth can sometimes be an answer to unresolved questions, while a few believe it to elucidate their cultural practices and traditions. Nonetheless, decrypting a thousand-year-old myth can be a fascinating experience. Choosing from thousands of multifaceted characters and from diverse cultures can be a little daunting. At Xento, we wanted our employees to have a ball trying to recreate the charm and enigma of mythological characters for a day- the theme for the month. Perfecting the art of getting into the skin of any character is sure a long-shot by any means, but dressing to be part of it sure gets you noticed. An ideal way to play the part of your favourite mystical character and horn an extension of your creative self. Besides this, we at Xento always like to add some zing to our work-life-balance – keeping that equilibrium just right.

Having said this, our Xentians are an enthusiastic bunch and this time for theme day, many employees took the fancies of Greek mythology characters. Our participants were seen flaunting different Greek goddess some took inspiration from Aphrodite, Athena, Selene, Anat while a few were attracted to characters of shades of gray such as Hera & Circe. In the end, our dark horses Rasika who impersonated as goddess Hera, and Vasudha as the evil goddess of Circe won this competition. Surprisingly! but true, sometimes a little bit of pessimistic streak could intrigue you to the mystery behind a personality. Furthermore, both our winners were exceptionally satisfying and walked the extra mile to portray their characters. It sure gave us a peek inside to an inspiring window of ancient Greek culture and folklore.

Mix and Match Theme Day

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Xento - Mix /amp; Match Theme Day

Most of us have heard of the saying that opposites attract. Contrary to what most believe, when a kaleidoscope of distinct hues and patterns clash it brings about a shift in your personality. It helps an individual to stimulate their artistic traits while keeping up the excitement. So, we decided to adopt a similar approach and create a Mix & Match theme day. This time around we decided to play with colors, prints and include fashion accessories too, that would let our staff, flaunt their creative wacky side. We had our tech geeks dressed up in the quirkiest fashion trends that brought  in good cheer and entertaining ambience during work hours.

This theme day comprised of a competition where participants had to display their most unusual fashion flair. Thereby, impelling them to think out of the box and revisit their feisty, dauntless side. Our Xentians braced this challenge with a lot of ardor and zeal, that brought out the best in them. On this theme day, we had some unusual style statements made by our employees, that would easily get any demanding fashion critic to slacken and have a good time.


Xento Foundation Week-2016

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At Xento we take great pride in celebrating our Foundation Day the 13th of August. The day an innovative idea was born, put into reality and shaped our very existence. We stand by our core value, “business in the front and party in the back”, as we cherish every moment of our festivity, a three-day event, starting with Theme day, Tricolour day and Xalt. However, our creative techs always prefer to pay tribute in an unorthodox and interesting manner. So, this time, we decided to start the event with theme day that was allocated to different teams.

Theme Day

Themes ranged from Mughal, Rajputana, to British, Maratha and Tribal. Draped in their colourful apparels and surrounded by spruced up décor, each member of our personnel looked very much the part of an ancient clan they represented. The ambiance that had been created was not only in sync with their given guise but also brought back reminisce of a bygone era. It’s definitely a pleasure to see that every team displayed their creative and fierce competitive spirit with a positive attitude. The competition was finally won by the Tribal and Mughal team for their liveliness and managing to bring out the true essence of teamwork. continue

Foundation Day: Rangoli Competition

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Foundation Day – Rangoli Competition

We had organized Rangoli Competition on 14th August on the occasion of Foundation Day of Xento. Since foundation day and independence day were adjacent, organizing team kept the theme of Independence Day for the competition . All teams nominated 5 members to participate in the Rangoli Competition. As per the theme, participants prepared various rangolis in tricolour and they also used other theme like “Save Girl Child” very creatively.

Judges selected Rangoli from “Team Integration” as a winner. Client Admin Team was the runner-up for this competition.