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Stuck with a “Mammoth” Monolithic code? Tame it the right way!

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Monolith to Service

Application Code becomes mammoth size?

There is a classic pattern while building successful products. Initially, it’s a relatively tightly focused, designed to fit a specific and well-defined need or interconnected set of needs. When it’s released, it’s great, gets widely used and everyone’s happy. Part of its success is its tight focus. But success breeds opportunity, so new tools, features, and functionality get added. In the classic pattern, these additions extend the same codebase and the application grows.

Each addition to the codebase, each new feature, adds to the complexity of the system and increases its fragility. A simple addition — to patch a security issue, for example — can cause a major headache for fear of cascading knock-on effects and trickle-down impacts. Making upgrades to a part of the system just amplifies the problem. There are delays adding them and pushing them out to a production environment where, especially in the need of security patches, they’re much needed.


Xento PHP Dangal Contest 2017

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Xento PHP Dangal Winners and Awards

At Xento, New Year’s kick started with our PHP Dangal contest that proved to be a clash of intellects. A pan India contest that commenced from 16th January and continued till 16th February, it was indeed an opportunity for young PHP developers to showcase their technical acumen. A month long competition had participants from all corners of the country with approximately 1982 participants and with nearly 3000 registrations. Furthermore, PHP Dangal ensured contestants were quizzed at each juncture, narrowing down the numbers, a true challenge at its best – where only an ace player could have kept up. The contest held had two different categories for the experienced and students, giving each of them a fair opportunity to crack that code.

PHP Dangal saw an overwhelming response of participants to compete in a skill-based event. It was an intense 4 weeks long battle that had both experienced and students giving all that they got, to earn a place at the top 5. continue

Xento Engineers Yield Astonishing Results

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Shaunak Sontakke receiving 'Coding Centers of Excellence' award for Xento.

It indeed takes a lot of hard work to bring a vision into reality. With Sachin Savale and Shaunak Sontakke in the lead, Xento moved a step forward towards the glory. We feel immense pleasure in announcing yet another achievement of our honors at the Code Gladiator Event. Xento felicitates Mr. Savale and Mr. Sontakke for their splendid efforts in representing our company at the finals and achieving their respective titles.

Sachin Savale, one of the perfect PHP coder in our organisation made to reach the finale of Beat The Leader competition. This event was about competing with other algorithm junkies to write the most perfect code. The evaluation was based upon certain factors including Attempts, Marks, Memory Usage, Time Complexity, Code Size, etc. By presenting the most optimized PHP code, Sachin’s cipher remained unchallenged for last four days of the event. Later, his code lead the championship on the fifth day for his PHP base being most optimized among the codes in JAVA, C, C++, Python, C#, and other languages.

Says Sachin, “Reaching the finals itself is an achievement, till the last day of the competition nobody challenged my PHP base. All the lessons learned and skills gained were implemented for this triumph. It was an amazing experience to confront the best programming talent of the nation. I feel proud.”  continue

India’s Coding Center Of Excellence

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Xento Code Gladiator Runners-Up 2016

27 May, 2016. Another edition of India’s Biggest Coding Arena “Code Gladiators 2016” wraps in Delhi. The magnificent competition is organised every year by TechGig which attracts the best programming talent in the country. It is basically a month-long coding spectacle with 34 different technology tracks where thousands of companies and lacs of people participate. Xento takes pride in announcing that we are awarded as India’s one of the biggest coding champions by defeating the top talent from across the nation. The Code Gladiator’s India’s Coding Centers Of Excellence Runner-Up Trophy gives testimony to the talent and witness the most perplexing PHP coders in the company.

The TechGig’s colossal fest consists of online as well as onsite rounds, in which participants join the coding baffle and challenge the techies. Though this competition is well known for being extremely fierce, we as a growing organisation of skilled PHP, JavaScript, C#, .Net, Java and Database Engineers, could make it to the top-5 for maximum participation and code submissions. Programmers at Xento discovered that despite easy scaling of the event, it’s level of difficulty and challenges stands firm for appreciation. Our developers successfully submitted their solutions using different algorithms to complex problems posed during the competition. And smoothly sailing through the sea of hurdles is deeply overwhelming for our organization.


Simple Optimization Techniques

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Optimization technique is a way through which we can make our system faster and feasible. Its not a burden on any developer, its just a practice which we need to follow at the time of writing code. It makes code:

  • Cleaner
  • Easy to understand
  • Provides performance efficiency on server
  • Efficient for web-server and database server
  • Saves execution time
  • Saves memory consumption, etc.