Xento is a product based organisation with more than 800 IT Professionals including 350+ PHP Professionals working with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation. We promote an open atmosphere, where team members freely voice new ideas and are involved in all phases of our growth. At Xento, working is not just work; it's fun. Nurturing individual talent, fostering team work and recognition are the key elements of the Xento Culture.

Joy of Giving week at Xento

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xento joy of week home made products visually impaired

As the festival of lights approached this year, Xentians contributed towards lighting up the homes of several visually impaired individuals through their generous purchases. A fortnight prior to Diwali, Xento celebrated the Joy of Giving week or Daan Utsav, on the 5th and 6th of October 2017, by inviting NGO’s working for the visually impaired to put up stalls in our premises.

Sunrise candles, Mahableshwar and Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalay, Pune participated in this event and put up a beautiful display of candles and chocolates, made by visually impaired persons. While Sunrise candles employs over 80 visually challenged people in their factory at Mahableshwar, the department of Choco-Niwant at the organization works as a skill development centre and part time earning for students who come for coaching classes to Niwant. continue

Xalt 2017

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XALT 2017 Glimpses

Hush now! This time around it’s a bal masqué just as the French call it. A glitzy mysterious soiree that enthrall your senses and rouses your natural instinct. Yes, Xalt – Xento Annual Loud Triumph our corporate annual day celebration held on 4th September 2017 was entertainment at its best. Intriguing, engaging and skillfully charming, for any messieurs and dame with enough spunk and spark. There is no doubt, this time Xalt was a cliffhanger making it an exhilarating experience for our Xentians. With the masquerade theme, Xento made sure that our Xentians along with their family have an indelible evening-  definitely a night to cherish. Our annual day event never fell short of mirth, fun and some vibrant performance.

Like always, our annual party commenced with an inauguration ceremony, where our chief guest were few foundation members, along with their family. In Xento we believe in practicing our values, this time it was Being Excellent to Each Other ensuring to eliminate age-old hierarchical structures. continue

Xento Goals Bash

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Some bugs can hop, slither, crawl or pop out from just about anywhere. Tracking down their source and putting an end to them is yet again a vital accomplishment for any development team. Having said this, being on the job to exterminate bugs requires a high level of sharp skill sets, an eye for detail combined with a perfectionist attitude while building any software tool. As the job involves identifying, scrutinizing, categorizing, reporting and eventually eliminating them. Furthermore, if they are not resolved at an early stage it could get far too complex for the development team to handle. A reason why our team of idealist are on a continuous pursuit to ensure bugs at Xento, always remain to be at its lowest tier each year. Yet again we made sure to make room to complete achieving one of our most significant company goal. continue

Xento PHP Dangal Contest 2017

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Xento PHP Dangal Winners and Awards

At Xento, New Year’s kick started with our PHP Dangal contest that proved to be a clash of intellects. A pan India contest that commenced from 16th January and continued till 16th February, it was indeed an opportunity for young PHP developers to showcase their technical acumen. A month long competition had participants from all corners of the country with approximately 1982 participants and with nearly 3000 registrations. Furthermore, PHP Dangal ensured contestants were quizzed at each juncture, narrowing down the numbers, a true challenge at its best – where only an ace player could have kept up. The contest held had two different categories for the experienced and students, giving each of them a fair opportunity to crack that code.

PHP Dangal saw an overwhelming response of participants to compete in a skill-based event. It was an intense 4 weeks long battle that had both experienced and students giving all that they got, to earn a place at the top 5. continue

XALT- Xento’s 9th Annual Bash

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At some point in our lives, many are infatuated of being an A-listed celebrity. To be all glammed up for a red-carpet event, with the paparazzi getting into a frenzy to shoot that perfect picture of your glamorous self. Well now this may come as a surprise for many but we at Xento did take the opportunity to fulfil this dream of our employees. On August 13th, 2016 we celebrated our 9th  anniversary and honoured the contribution of our superheroes. Superheroes who? – you guessed it right, it’s our dedicated staff that has played a vital role as ardent sponsors of Xento. Which gives us all the more reason, why we are willing to walk an extra mile to make this special day an extravaganza affair for our superstars. XALT- Xento Annual Loud Triumph is our annual corporate day celebration that was filled with loads of dance, fun and masti. This time, XALT had a Bollywood night theme that brought in an abundance of glitter, vibrancy, and good cheer.



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A woman that can keep her personal safety, travels a longer distance. The journey to stay safe begins with learning and spreading awareness, prevention, and risk avoidance strategies. Xento recently organized a self-defence workshop to enlighten our women employees on basic self-defense techniques. The workshop was guided by Ms. Suvarna Ruikar (20 years experienced in karate).

While strength is good, balance is better; quickness is important, but timing is critical.

The two days self-defence training program worked amazingly. It prepared our employees of all the situations that could arise for which they would have no response. The workshop included some safety strategies and understanding how to fight back against a physical attack. It also gave participants the opportunity to perform the defense techniques with each other. We are happy to have received a stunning acknowledgment from all the participants in regard to this session.


Keep defending!

Employee of the Quarter

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‘’If you feel passionate about something in your soul, continue to pursue it. Pursue it with all the love you have.’’ – Anonymous.  Ask any successful business magnet or even your university mentor  about the truth that lies behind this statement and you are sure to get an unquestionable yes. At Xento we not only just encourage you to pursue your dreams but also recognize and timely reward an individual’s accomplishments. We value our employee’s efforts, passion and commitment towards their work. Like always we take this as a perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of our staff when they reach a milestone. The Employee of the Quarter bash is a gala event that included even the loved ones of our personnel. Xento makes certain to acknowledge the fact that families are the center of your universe from which you draw strength from. continue

Navratri Celebration

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Dandiya Ras

It was yet another fun filled evening at Xento, when the entire company came together to celebrate Navratri. We celebrated the occasion with traditional Dandiya Ras and also got a chance to see the dancing skills of our CEO, David Bateman. The evening got even brighter as Dave`s performance prompted the audience to show case their talent and the evening was filled with some very exciting dance performances by our employees. Our in-house DJ Bhushan and Deepak played excellent songs and music which enthralled the audience. The winners of this evening were, Ashwini Gadakh and Semin Firasta, who received the prize for Best Dancers, while Kajal Dimble was declared as winner for Best Costume Contest.


Foundation Day: Rangoli Competition

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Foundation Day – Rangoli Competition

We had organized Rangoli Competition on 14th August on the occasion of Foundation Day of Xento. Since foundation day and independence day were adjacent, organizing team kept the theme of Independence Day for the competition . All teams nominated 5 members to participate in the Rangoli Competition. As per the theme, participants prepared various rangolis in tricolour and they also used other theme like “Save Girl Child” very creatively.

Judges selected Rangoli from “Team Integration” as a winner. Client Admin Team was the runner-up for this competition.


Sports Activities

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Today we are starting a new category “Sports Activities” as we are continuously showing our active presence in lot of sports competitions and here is the first update on the same…

As you all are aware, we are participating in a big IT Cricket Tournament and our boys are doing tremendously well. We have won 4 matches out of 6 and still counting. Here is the update from the latest one…

You must really be wondering what happened to the Might Wolf Gang, did they move in into their new lair after the two recent losses or they are waiting for their turn for getting back to action. Well if you are on option 2 then you are in the right direction, we have sprung back into action with a mighty win against Calsoft.