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Reasons to choose automation in software testing

Category: Software Quality


Time and tide waits for none, a very familiar idioms we have come across since ages. Similarly when we compare time and money, more significance goes to time. Money can be earned but time lost is never reversed. So, to save time we need something which can give us a good ROI(returns on investment) which is automation.

In this blog I am concentrating on how integrating automation into business can be useful as a whole. The first reason which really makes us use automated tools is to save time. One can imagine if there are no transport facility how long it would have taken to commute from one place to another. Secondly, quality does matter. Let’s take an everyday example, in the world of e-commerce, if we order a shirt online and the quality comes up bad, no customer will return back to use the same site. The final aspect is money. Consider if an online shopping company offering 50% flat discount on a branded item, then everyone would prefer shopping online.

So, if we have a chance to complete a work with less human efforts, in a less span of time, with adequate budget and manage to retain quality then everyone will opt in for Automation.

To sum up few reasons why a software company would like to go for automation are :

  1. Improves accuracy
  2. Saves time and money
  3. Team morale improves
  4. Automation does what manual testing cannot
  5. Helps both developers and testers
  6. Manual can become boring and tedious but automation once is written can execute N number of times
  7. More test coverage

While automation technologies like driverless car and chatbot may interrupt our life in future, it will also create more opportunities. As an industry, organisation and individual it’s not a futile chase to adapt to automation, but instead is one with a bright future.

Author: Bikarsha Shaik