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Mythology Theme Day-Xento 2017

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Xento Mythology Theme Day Winner 2017

A myth can sometimes be an answer to unresolved questions, while a few believe it to elucidate their cultural practices and traditions. Nonetheless, decrypting a thousand-year-old myth can be a fascinating experience. Choosing from thousands of multifaceted characters and from diverse cultures can be a little daunting. At Xento, we wanted our employees to have a ball trying to recreate the charm and enigma of mythological characters for a day- the theme for the month. Perfecting the art of getting into the skin of any character is sure a long-shot by any means, but dressing to be part of it sure gets you noticed. An ideal way to play the part of your favourite mystical character and horn an extension of your creative self. Besides this, we at Xento always like to add some zing to our work-life-balance – keeping that equilibrium just right.

Having said this, our Xentians are an enthusiastic bunch and this time for theme day, many employees took the fancies of Greek mythology characters. Our participants were seen flaunting different Greek goddess some took inspiration from Aphrodite, Athena, Selene, Anat while a few were attracted to characters of shades of gray such as Hera & Circe. In the end, our dark horses Rasika who impersonated as goddess Hera, and Vasudha as the evil goddess of Circe won this competition. Surprisingly! but true, sometimes a little bit of pessimistic streak could intrigue you to the mystery behind a personality. Furthermore, both our winners were exceptionally satisfying and walked the extra mile to portray their characters. It sure gave us a peek inside to an inspiring window of ancient Greek culture and folklore.

Xentians Go Green!

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Xento Tree Plantation 2017 - Go Green

As the monsoon sets in, Xento’s CSR organizes its annual tree plantation drive at Loni Kalbhor, on the 1st & 22nd of July 2017. Along with the Maharashtra forest department, who are celebrating an entire week of tree plantation in the State, Xentians plant over 9500 saplings on this barren land.

Being a fulfilling and enriching experience amidst nature, a lot of families and friends also joined in. The drive began at 7.30 in the morning and went on till 7 PM! We had over 150 participants on both days who joined the initiative. The volunteers also enjoyed some hot-hot vada-pav’s and fresh sandwiches from our live station put up!

Different saplings including neem, babul and imli were planted. The land identified by the forest department itself was a vast expense with no vegetation at all. With the help of this activity, this area will definitely benefit by recharging the groundwater level, prevent erosion and improve soil conditions. continue