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Xento at Samarthya

Category: Life @ Xento


Each year the National Federation of the Blind (NFBOM) organizes a cultural event known as Samarthya for blind school children. This time the program lived up to its promise of showcasing some extraordinary talent of these little feet. The NGO had its main focus on encouraging blind children to nurture their talent by sponsoring them and creating a podium to display their skills. It was a five-day fun event that commenced on 27th December and lasted till 31st December in Mumbai (Thane District). Samarthya the talent show had many of our Xentian taking great privilege in participating for its 29th event that champions amaurosis.

Moreover, Samarthya comprised of singing, public speaking, Braille reading, essay writing competition in English and other regional languages. If that was not enough to prove their aptness these children went ahead to exhibit the same with storytelling, chess as well as quiz. Well, our Xentians are ardent fans of cricket so there’s not doubt that they were excited to be a part of the double wicket cricket game held for blind children. Many would be surprised to know that apart from cricket these young ones are also equally talented musicians and manage to produce a melodious gig. It was absolutely a riveting experience to witness such outstanding performances from these children. “The eyes are useless if the mind is blind” – Anonymous on this note lets join hands to make a change in our ethos and lead with the example of equality and not by sympathy.