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Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

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We might have gone passed the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day but that does not seem to have dampened our Christmas spirits. As Christmas Eve approached Xento was all geared up to spread the infectious gleam and gaiety of the festivity with our Ugly Christmas Sweater Day theme on 26th of December 2016. It is that time of the year where each one gets to display the effects of high-strung nerves and reacquaint with your humorous side. After all, it’s Christmas the time for an absolution, even if it means getting kitschy dressing up.

Despite the customary snazzy drapes, sparkling stilettos and the touch of sophisticated décor that most Christmas soirées entail, we decided to turn around and have fun, which is the way it was intended to be. We had our Xentians all spruced up in the most whimsical Christmas woollies and entertain us with their sense of humour. The Ugly Christmas Sweater day saw our employees showcasing their wit at its best, from being clichéd to quirky, rib-cracking to cynical we did witness quite a variety. Grandma’s Christmas sweater has certainly gone on to be a raging theme party for us. We hope you had a delightful and jaunty Christmas as we did. Merry Christmas!


How Cricket helped me in my profession?

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How criket at xeto helped me in my profession

Live, laugh and love every moment of our life was the motto which I chevied after as a young adult. A time to explore, learn and contemplate on various subjects of interest was definitely the way of life back as a student for me. Like spring my youthful days continued to bounce back and forth with an ebullience that I cherished and later was almost convinced that it would soon become a distant memory. Then I joined Xento. And realized it was certainly possible to have a rewarding career that would not only enrich my experience as an IT professional but also strengthen my overall personality.

Furthermore, Xento follows a liberal culture that anchored my interest towards cricket. Being a cricket player during my college days, Xento did give me the opportunity to pursue my interest be it with the participation of Xento Premier League or Cyber-city Tournaments held annually. Trust me when I say this, it is not a part of a corporate wellness program. But actually, embolden employees to play, giving them flexible work options. As strange as it might sound to many I later discovered a substantial inference for its dogma. So the obvious question why does Xento encourage playing games? Well, yes most of you would agree it would relieve stress and create a happier workspace, I believe there was more to these reasons. continue