Xento is a product based organisation with more than 800 IT Professionals including 350+ PHP Professionals working with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation. We promote an open atmosphere, where team members freely voice new ideas and are involved in all phases of our growth. At Xento, working is not just work; it's fun. Nurturing individual talent, fostering team work and recognition are the key elements of the Xento Culture.

Xento Employee Awards

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Xento is always on a mission to ensure that its employee’s sincere efforts never go unnoticed and reward them timely. The main motto behind our awards ceremony is to act as the guiding force that inspires our employee and respect contributions made. The following are the list of awards that Xento bestows its staff for outstanding performance.

Jury Award

The Jury Awards recognizes any extraordinary feat that an employee has handled and self-initiated. With the sole purpose to enhance the process or overall system and ameliorate the working conditions at Xento. We believe that great ideas can come from different resources and acknowledge this, thereby giving you an opportunity to take center stage and celebrate your moment that outshines from the rest. continue