Xento is a product based organisation with more than 800 IT Professionals including 350+ PHP Professionals working with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation. We promote an open atmosphere, where team members freely voice new ideas and are involved in all phases of our growth. At Xento, working is not just work; it's fun. Nurturing individual talent, fostering team work and recognition are the key elements of the Xento Culture.

Xento Foundation Week-2016

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At Xento we take great pride in celebrating our Foundation Day the 13th of August. The day an innovative idea was born, put into reality and shaped our very existence. We stand by our core value, “business in the front and party in the back”, as we cherish every moment of our festivity, a three-day event, starting with Theme day, Tricolour day and Xalt. However, our creative techs always prefer to pay tribute in an unorthodox and interesting manner. So, this time, we decided to start the event with theme day that was allocated to different teams.

Theme Day

Themes ranged from Mughal, Rajputana, to British, Maratha and Tribal. Draped in their colourful apparels and surrounded by spruced up décor, each member of our personnel looked very much the part of an ancient clan they represented. The ambiance that had been created was not only in sync with their given guise but also brought back reminisce of a bygone era. It’s definitely a pleasure to see that every team displayed their creative and fierce competitive spirit with a positive attitude. The competition was finally won by the Tribal and Mughal team for their liveliness and managing to bring out the true essence of teamwork. continue

XALT- Xento’s 9th Annual Bash

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At some point in our lives, many are infatuated of being an A-listed celebrity. To be all glammed up for a red-carpet event, with the paparazzi getting into a frenzy to shoot that perfect picture of your glamorous self. Well now this may come as a surprise for many but we at Xento did take the opportunity to fulfil this dream of our employees. On August 13th, 2016 we celebrated our 9th  anniversary and honoured the contribution of our superheroes. Superheroes who? – you guessed it right, it’s our dedicated staff that has played a vital role as ardent sponsors of Xento. Which gives us all the more reason, why we are willing to walk an extra mile to make this special day an extravaganza affair for our superstars. XALT- Xento Annual Loud Triumph is our annual corporate day celebration that was filled with loads of dance, fun and masti. This time, XALT had a Bollywood night theme that brought in an abundance of glitter, vibrancy, and good cheer.