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Winning Moment

It’s been a while and everyone must be wondering about the next update, well our Cricket Team (the mighty wolves) too were eagerly waiting for their turn to take on another challenge; along came the chance with a not so cold Sunday Morning i.e on the 30th of December, 2012, when they went one on one against JOSH.

The Toss was Won by our Captain Vijay L on this occasion and we elected to Bat first. The innings started with a wicket of the first over and a cold breeze flowing through the team which looked worried all of a sudden; but the Wall (we are not talking about Rahul Dravid here, but of course the Wall of Xento Rishi Masurkar) walked in with confidence and it reflected in his shot of the very first ball which was a perfectly timed shot on the rise.


Sports Activities

Category: Events, Sports Activity

Today we are starting a new category “Sports Activities” as we are continuously showing our active presence in lot of sports competitions and here is the first update on the same…

As you all are aware, we are participating in a big IT Cricket Tournament and our boys are doing tremendously well. We have won 4 matches out of 6 and still counting. Here is the update from the latest one…

You must really be wondering what happened to the Might Wolf Gang, did they move in into their new lair after the two recent losses or they are waiting for their turn for getting back to action. Well if you are on option 2 then you are in the right direction, we have sprung back into action with a mighty win against Calsoft.