About Us

Xento Systems is a technology solutions provider for and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Entrata, Inc., the leading provider of multifamily software in the United States. Since 2007, Xento has built a team of more than 600 world-class IT professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions for a number of international clients.

Our Story: Xento Systems and Entrata

Once upon a time, a fearless entrepreneur sought to bring the magic of web-based technology to the beleaguered land of multifamily management. Who was this intrepid hero? None other than Dave Bateman, Founder and CEO of Entrata and Xento Systems. Dave's story is the stuff of legend. But, like any hero, he did not achieve his quest alone. Bateman recognized early on that, in order to compete with his much more established and better-funded competitors, his start-up would need a world-class development centre. So he founded Xento Systems.

Xento began operations in Pune, India in August of 2007. The company, staffed with local IT professionals and fueled by Entrata need for out-of-the-box innovation, has played a crucial role in developing some of the leading technology products in the multifamily industry. Over the last seven years, Xento Systems has continued to expand to keep pace with Entrata's remarkable growth. Today, the Xento team sets the standard for developing revolutionary multifamily software technology.

Xento's philosophy has always included a healthy dose of creativity and innovation. Not content to simply improve on existing technology, Dave and Xento have used PHP to build a world-class architecture. The resulting system is not only more flexible and scalable than traditional software, it's an excellent springboard for new products and features, which we build every day.

Given such a dynamic environment, Xento's team definitely knows how to bring it. Looking for development rock stars? ninjas? jedi? genius...es? We've got them in spades. By creating an environment where developers are able to work with the latest technologies and development platforms Xento offers ample opportunities for team members to expand their creative potential and maintain careers on the leading edge of development.