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XALT- Xento’s 9th Annual Bash

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At some point in our lives, many are infatuated of being an A-listed celebrity. To be all glammed up for a red-carpet event, with the paparazzi getting into a frenzy to shoot that perfect picture of your glamorous self. Well now this may come as a surprise for many but we at Xento did take the opportunity to fulfil this dream of our employees. On August 13th, 2016 we celebrated our 9th  anniversary and honoured the contribution of our superheroes. Superheroes who? – you guessed it right, it’s our dedicated staff that has played a vital role as ardent sponsors of Xento. Which gives us all the more reason, why we are willing to walk an extra mile to make this special day an extravaganza affair for our superstars. XALT- Xento Annual Loud Triumph is our annual corporate day celebration that was filled with loads of dance, fun and masti. This time, XALT had a Bollywood night theme that brought in an abundance of glitter, vibrancy, and good cheer.

The annual bash kick started off with an inauguration ceremony, our chief guests were none other than a lucky few employees accompanied by their families. As in Xento we do not believe in an echelon system, ensuring everyone truly feels, part of a privileged family. This was followed by some talented melodious vocals of our soloist and musicians. From soothing to joyous from perky to ecstatic, that got our audience grooving to their tune. It’s a Bollywood theme soiree ritual, to be led by few high-spirited dance numbers, which always gets employees bubbling with excitement and eagerly awaiting for a repeat performance. Matching to the rhythm of every beat was an effortless feat accomplished by our star performers. Having said this, our stand-up comedians did an outstanding job in sending us on a laughing riot. When their cheeky one-liners laced with subtle satire combined with mimicry, it certainly was an entertaining performance worth many accolades. At Xento, our ‘techies’ are definitely multifaceted they sure would give any Bollywood icon a run for their money.

Like always at Xento we emphasise on nurturing and fostering good values with our personnel. Which is why we took this occasion to felicitate our dedicated employees of Xento, for completing five consecutive years and working towards common goals. Well if you think the curtains were closed with our award ceremony then we have news for you because we enjoy having a good time with our DJ. At Xento, this is how we declare that the party has officially just begun. Take a peek into our pictures and you will know what we mean.