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Xentians Go Green!

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Xento Tree Plantation 2017 - Go Green

As the monsoon sets in, Xento’s CSR organizes its annual tree plantation drive at Loni Kalbhor, on the 1st & 22nd of July 2017. Along with the Maharashtra forest department, who are celebrating an entire week of tree plantation in the State, Xentians plant over 9500 saplings on this barren land.

Being a fulfilling and enriching experience amidst nature, a lot of families and friends also joined in. The drive began at 7.30 in the morning and went on till 7 PM! We had over 150 participants on both days who joined the initiative. The volunteers also enjoyed some hot-hot vada-pav’s and fresh sandwiches from our live station put up!

Different saplings including neem, babul and imli were planted. The land identified by the forest department itself was a vast expense with no vegetation at all. With the help of this activity, this area will definitely benefit by recharging the groundwater level, prevent erosion and improve soil conditions. continue

Speak Out Loud 2017

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Xento - Speak Out Loud 2017

Many of us don’t have the inhibition to share our opinions on current trending topics on social media. Sometimes we seem to find our clone on few matters concerning us and when views diverge then hell breaks loose. A common occurrence in our daily life for everyone. Having said this, Xento had organized a debate contest Speak Out Loud that cajoled employees into a rebuttal. This rendezvous gave them an opportunity to raise different opinions to various topics. Three days long event that had some interesting views, from being witty, judgemental to simply cliched we had a sample of everything. It was an interesting platform to see our Xentian youth contemplate on various issues and were passionate about sharing their perspectives. continue

Xento Photography Contest 2017

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“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality” — Alfred Stieglitz. There is no doubt that these words of the famous photographer Alfred  Stieglitz does hold unforeseen truth behind them. Stills can speak a million words, it can monopolize your thoughts, capture the attention of its audience and bring life to inanimate objects. It was time to awaken our Xentian’s creative skills with the Xento Photography Competition that commenced this April. This event had teams across the company eye the top spot as the most creative photographers. continue

Career guidance workshop for visually challenged individuals

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Career Guidance Workshop

As the college admission season begins shortly, Xento Systems Pune, in association with National Association for Blind Satara, organized a “Career guidance workshop for visually challenged individuals” on Saturday, 20th May 2017. This event aimed to spread awareness about the different career paths that blind students can choose. The workshop was attended by over 40 visually challenged individuals, in the age group of 15 to 35 years.

Visually challenged students, especially in remote areas, have very poor access to good quality education. Even with the RTE Act and reservation quota, they may get admission in a nearby college, but do not truly receive knowledge the way sighted individuals do. Colleges and universities lack proper study material in the form of braille or audio books, as is required by them. Their computer labs are not equipped with required softwares such as screen reading software, which assist a blind student to use computers today. It is definitely difficult for a blind student to cope with the syllabus at the pace that it is taught and they may require extra classes, but there are no coaching classes available for them. continue

Xento Goals Bash

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Some bugs can hop, slither, crawl or pop out from just about anywhere. Tracking down their source and putting an end to them is yet again a vital accomplishment for any development team. Having said this, being on the job to exterminate bugs requires a high level of sharp skill sets, an eye for detail combined with a perfectionist attitude while building any software tool. As the job involves identifying, scrutinizing, categorizing, reporting and eventually eliminating them. Furthermore, if they are not resolved at an early stage it could get far too complex for the development team to handle. A reason why our team of idealist are on a continuous pursuit to ensure bugs at Xento, always remain to be at its lowest tier each year. Yet again we made sure to make room to complete achieving one of our most significant company goal. continue

Xento PHP Dangal Contest 2017

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Xento PHP Dangal Winners and Awards

At Xento, New Year’s kick started with our PHP Dangal contest that proved to be a clash of intellects. A pan India contest that commenced from 16th January and continued till 16th February, it was indeed an opportunity for young PHP developers to showcase their technical acumen. A month long competition had participants from all corners of the country with approximately 1982 participants and with nearly 3000 registrations. Furthermore, PHP Dangal ensured contestants were quizzed at each juncture, narrowing down the numbers, a true challenge at its best – where only an ace player could have kept up. The contest held had two different categories for the experienced and students, giving each of them a fair opportunity to crack that code.

PHP Dangal saw an overwhelming response of participants to compete in a skill-based event. It was an intense 4 weeks long battle that had both experienced and students giving all that they got, to earn a place at the top 5. continue

Xento at Samarthya

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Each year the National Federation of the Blind (NFBOM) organizes a cultural event known as Samarthya for blind school children. This time the program lived up to its promise of showcasing some extraordinary talent of these little feet. The NGO had its main focus on encouraging blind children to nurture their talent by sponsoring them and creating a podium to display their skills. It was a five-day fun event that commenced on 27th December and lasted till 31st December in Mumbai (Thane District). Samarthya the talent show had many of our Xentian taking great privilege in participating for its 29th event that champions amaurosis.

Moreover, Samarthya comprised of singing, public speaking, Braille reading, essay writing competition in English and other regional languages. If that was not enough to prove their aptness these children went ahead to exhibit the same with storytelling, chess as well as quiz. Well, our Xentians are ardent fans of cricket so there’s not doubt that they were excited to be a part of the double wicket cricket game held for blind children. Many would be surprised to know that apart from cricket these young ones are also equally talented musicians and manage to produce a melodious gig. It was absolutely a riveting experience to witness such outstanding performances from these children. “The eyes are useless if the mind is blind” – Anonymous on this note lets join hands to make a change in our ethos and lead with the example of equality and not by sympathy.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

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We might have gone passed the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day but that does not seem to have dampened our Christmas spirits. As Christmas Eve approached Xento was all geared up to spread the infectious gleam and gaiety of the festivity with our Ugly Christmas Sweater Day theme on 26th of December 2016. It is that time of the year where each one gets to display the effects of high-strung nerves and reacquaint with your humorous side. After all, it’s Christmas the time for an absolution, even if it means getting kitschy dressing up.

Despite the customary snazzy drapes, sparkling stilettos and the touch of sophisticated décor that most Christmas soirées entail, we decided to turn around and have fun, which is the way it was intended to be. We had our Xentians all spruced up in the most whimsical Christmas woollies and entertain us with their sense of humour. The Ugly Christmas Sweater day saw our employees showcasing their wit at its best, from being clichéd to quirky, rib-cracking to cynical we did witness quite a variety. Grandma’s Christmas sweater has certainly gone on to be a raging theme party for us. We hope you had a delightful and jaunty Christmas as we did. Merry Christmas!


How Cricket helped me in my profession

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How criket at xeto helped me in my profession

Live, laugh and love every moment of our life was the motto which I chevied after as a young adult. A time to explore, learn and contemplate on various subjects of interest was definitely the way of life back as a student for me. Like spring my youthful days continued to bounce back and forth with an ebullience that I cherished and later was almost convinced that it would soon become a distant memory. Then I joined Xento. And realized it was certainly possible to have a rewarding career that would not only enrich my experience as an IT professional but also strengthen my overall personality.

Furthermore, Xento follows a liberal culture that anchored my interest towards cricket. Being a cricket player during my college days, Xento did give me the opportunity to pursue my interest be it with the participation of Xento Premier League or Cyber-city Tournaments held annually. Trust me when I say this, it is not a part of a corporate wellness program. But actually, embolden employees to play, giving them flexible work options. As strange as it might sound to many I later discovered a substantial inference for its dogma. So the obvious question why does Xento encourage playing games? Well, yes most of you would agree it would relieve stress and create a happier workspace, I believe there was more to these reasons. continue

Xento Employee Awards

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Xento is always on a mission to ensure that its employee’s sincere efforts never go unnoticed and reward them timely. The main motto behind our awards ceremony is to act as the guiding force that inspires our employee and respect contributions made. The following are the list of awards that Xento bestows its staff for outstanding performance.

Jury Award

The Jury Awards recognizes any extraordinary feat that an employee has handled and self-initiated. With the sole purpose to enhance the process or overall system and ameliorate the working conditions at Xento. We believe that great ideas can come from different resources and acknowledge this, thereby giving you an opportunity to take center stage and celebrate your moment that outshines from the rest. continue