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Xento Culture
  • XALT

    Never say goodbye!
    The annual meet is not only for those who are currently associated with Xento but for all those who have contributed a substantial part of their lives to make Xento what it is today. To refresh the memories/times and with a view to maintain relations with all those who have been close to Xento. Taking a break from formal meets to dancing their hearts out, Xentians get a platform to showcase their hidden/undiscovered talents through 'XALT'.

  • Xento - Foundation Day Celebration

    Foundation Day Celebration !!!
    One of the most eventful schedules at Xento to mark the day of its very existence! To celebrate the substantial sustenance of Xento; every year we have a 5 day long event, which become the most memorable and remarkable days at Xento. The 5 days are divided into various themes wherein the department teams of Xento participate in various competitions and events and a winner is announced on the 13th of August (That's when we celebrate Xento's Birthday!)

  • XPL - Xento Premier League

    The XPL - Xento Premier League, as the name says it all, the league involves the department wise competition for different categories of sports like cricket, football, badminton, tug of war. Right from the ones who think they cannot play the sport to the star players, all have a chance to enjoy and bond with the team mates through these sports. Its not about the winner but it's the kind of involvement and dedication one has towards their own team and department. All in all, this is the event where everyone bonds, enjoys and gets a chance to become a kid once again!

  • Xeno - TRIP

    Explore to see the unseen and know the unknown. Outings removes our monotony and gives pleasure. Similarly, it also broadens our outlook and refreshes our mind. Xento is located in Pune which is surrounded by wonderful destinations worth visiting. To rejuvenate and reenergise the members of Xento, we plan our outings to destinations like Dapoli, Lavasa, Mahabaleshwar, biking road trips, etc. Not limiting ourselves to the confined boundaries of the company walls and bringing out the real essence of each individual by setting our spirits free.

  • Xento - Funz

    Every moment of your life should be zealous and fun filled. And that generally tends to be an unfulfilled dream for most people in these times of busy schedules. But we, at Xento, make it a point to make you realize that fun is an integrated part of your life no matter however busy you may be with your career. By organising activities like 'Xento Fun Xpress' and celebrating success, we aren't only trying and bring some life into the monotonous job schedules, but we also try and aim for better team building.

About Us: Xento

Xento is a technology solutions provider for Entrata, Inc., the leading provider of Property Management software in the United States. Since 2007, Xento has built a team of more than 600 world-class IT professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions for a number of international clients.


Xento is a company that specializes in PHP architecture for mobile, desktop, and web applications. Oh, and lots of other stuff.

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Preetam Yadav

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Dave Bateman



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Sandeep Garud


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