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Xento Culture
  • XALT

    Never bid adios! Each year when we celebrate our annual day, Xento does not forget to invite our ex-employees too, because we value every individual’s contribution. Be it a single line of code written by our ex- developers or quality checks done by our former QA’s, we believe that they are still a part of the extended Xento family. Besides this, “all work and no play makes Chuck a dull boy”, oh! we meant ‘Jack a dull boy’ so,our Xentians have a chance to break-free from the regular routine and let their hair down. XALT also gives our geeks an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents.

  • Xento - Foundation Day Celebration

    Foundation Week
    It's time to rejoice our birthday, like always we ensure it to be a memorable week that’s worth remembering. The company has a gala affair that last for 2 to 3 days, keeping with this tradition each year Xento has a mixed assortment of themes, that would excite its employees to participate. Guess it's obvious to you by now, that we are on a mission to spread this infectious good cheer.

  • XPL - Xento Premier League

    The XPL - Xento Premier League, XPL- Xento Premier League, as the name says it all, it involves competitions within various departments, under different categories of sports such as cricket, football, badminton, tug of war. The event is held not only for a cracker-jack to display his/her athletic skill but also for an amateur, promising everyone a good time. Upholding the spirit of sportsmanship, in the true sense- XPL is not about winning the trophy, but instead it aims to focus on bonding with your teammates and having a ball.

  • Xeno - TRIP

    Sometimes the best thing to do is stop — pack your backpacks and head outdoors. At Xento, we definitely recommend this every so often. Imagine cooped up everyday at one's bay and being engaged in developing a script or going through routine quality checks. It sure can get down right boring not to mention staying motivated is a challenging feat to accomplish. Xento makes certain all its employees stay enthusiastic and focused at all times. Dapoli, Lavasa and Mahabaleshwar are some of the places our employees have visited in the recent past.

  • Xento - Funz

    At Xento we understand the need to work together as a team and hence much emphasis is given on constructing a productive unit. The ‘Xento Fun Xpress’ activity is mainly organised as a stress buster and also acts as an ice breaker for all employees. Apart from this we understand the pressures of work life and take initiatives to set in an equilibrium between career and entertainment. The objective is to see our personnel engaged in activities that retain a high level of confidence and constantly boost their morale, time and again.

About Us: Xento

Xento is a technology solutions provider for Entrata, Inc., the leading provider of Property Management software in the United States. Since 2007, Xento has built a team of more than 700 world-class IT professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions for a number of international clients.


Xento is a company that specializes in PHP architecture for mobile, desktop, and web applications. Oh, and lots of other stuff.

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